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In the animated fantasy feature film ‘Zhak’, the struggle between good and evil is modeled in three basic dimensions: Fabulous Adventure: Zhak as an ancient knight, takes care of his blinded father and unmarried sister. Zhak’s two brothers, Redskin and Gaspy, have not returned from the Kingdom of the Undersoil, seeking a healing cure for the eyes of the blinded father. The Witch of Darkness has assumed control over the Kingdom of the Undersoil and, more than likely Zhak’s brothers. Hoping the Witch has not turned them to stone or made them slaves, Zhak ventures out to find his brothers, find the healing cure for his father, and to save the Kingdom of Undersoil from the Witch of Darkness. Family Drama: In the movie Zhak, the dimensions of individual fates and society are closely linked and condition each other. This is relevant with the fate of the Old King’s daughters and their collective destiny in the Kingdom of Light. The oldest daughter of the Old King takes the arrow of destiny and throws it out of the Kingdom of Light. The arrow falls into the Kingdom of the Undersoil, where, according to the traditional custom, the oldest daughter is to become the wife of the King of the Undersoil. The middle daughter of the Old King, takes the arrow of destiny and throws it. The arrow falls on the grounds of the Darkness Castle of the Evil Spirit, where, according to the traditional custom she becomes the wife of the Evil Spirit. The Evil Spirit proceeds to turn the middle daughter into a Witch of Darkness. The youngest daughter of the Old King, then throws the arrow of destiny. As fate has it, the arrow turns downwards and lands in front of her feet. In this traditional custom, the daughter can’t be married to anyone and becomes the Queen of Light, replacing the Old King, ruling the Kingdom of Light with all her goodness. The Conflict between Kingdoms: The Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of the Undersoil lived in harmony for many years and have developed a mutual respect, adhering to each kingdom’s royal laws. The sad destiny of the middle daughter of the Old King who has been changed in to a Witch of Darkness, destroyed everything. The middle daughter denounces her destiny and kills the Old King when he attempted to visit her. Because of this, her destined husband, the Evil Spirit, abandons and punishes her for killing her father. The Witch of Darkness, with the help of the giant monsters from the caves in the magic forest, returns to the Darkness Castle. There she organizes all her armies with which she conquers the Kingdom of the Undersoil. Those who were not turned to stone, or in to freakish creatures, were killed. These events set in to motion the events of our tale and our hero Zhak. This animated family adventure resolves the conflict between the kingdoms. Witnessing the human ideal that good must overcome evil, respectively the light over darkness…


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